Day 5 of my ‘buy nothing’- challenge

Today is day 5 of my ‘buy nothing’- challenge and so far it is going well. I haven’t thought about buying anything (outside of food) so far. Well, actually not quite, because considering the weather is a bit nicer than we’re used to by now, I’m spending quite a bit of time outside and workingMeer lezen over “Day 5 of my ‘buy nothing’- challenge”

‘Buy nothing’- challenge

I am a real challenger. I love challenges and pushing myself further and further. Just for fun. So now I have decided to start a ‘buy nothing’ challenge. This means: for a certain period of time, no new purchases, except ‘consumables’, food and things you use (think of toilet paper, a shampoo bar, etc.). ButMeer lezen over “‘Buy nothing’- challenge”