Professional Organising

A couple of years ago, I radically started to simplify my life, because I felt restless at all times. Even my home always felt cluttered and (unfortunately even more so) amplified that feeling, and I’ve never been able to feel the calm and tranquility your home should give you. The more I decluttered and minimised, the more clarity and focus I gained back. The time I usually spent tidying and cleaning, I used to do things I thought I was passionate about. Some of those things I still do, others I don’t. More into the process, I also became more aware of my own standards and values and live in alignment and harmony with them now.

This course is available in different formats. Do you want to create a capsule wardrobe? Do you just want to declutter a certain room? Or do you have the feeling that your whole house needs to be cleared?

Send me a message to determine which choice is the right one for you and which approach suits you best. You can always change the course format, without losing any money. One size fits nobody.