Day 5 of my ‘buy nothing’- challenge

Today is day 5 of my ‘buy nothing’- challenge and so far it is going well. I haven’t thought about buying anything (outside of food) so far. Well, actually not quite, because considering the weather is a bit nicer than we’re used to by now, I’m spending quite a bit of time outside and working in the garden. I took some cuttings from plants we have in the garden a few weeks ago and have now put them back in the ground, partly to make our garden cat proof (read: barricade escape routes). Then it occurred to me that a blue garden would also be stunning and I intended to purchase and plant Wistera Sinensis, because I think it’s really beautiful. But I didn’t. While I still have doubts.

Other than that, I didn’t really dwell on purchasing any new items. I did take three books to an exchange library and brought one back for it. Yes, I know. I mentioned in my previous post how many books I have yet to read, but I’ve already finished two since then.

Another pretty crazy phenomenon occurs. Every time I leave or come home (we live in a dead end) and I see a van drive away or pull up, I ask myself if there is a package being delivered for me, if I missed the messenger or will miss him/her when I leave. Absurd if you ask me! The fact that I am mentally involved in this when it is not at all possible that someone is ringing our doorbell, unless the neighbors are not home to receive their package, is really amazing to me. What are we doing to ourselves? Unconsciously, these are surely stress factors that also come into play when we are trying to break a pattern, and the situation cannot possibly occur. I’m excited to see when this will change.

So, so far things are going well. I haven’t spent anything and haven’t felt any pressure to purchase anything so far. The weather is nice- so I’m outside a lot- everything works- nothing needs to be replaced- but I’m only 5 days into it. I will keep you posted.


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