Carless Challenge

It occurred to me that one challenge is not enough and so I want to add a second one. This one I actually already mentioned in my earlier blog: I will experiment with using the bike as much as possible and the car only in emergencies or when there is no other option.

I didn’t want to start this until next week (after the Carnival vacation) because I didn’t think I would be able to get my daughter to ride a bike, but I have already gone grocery shopping twice by bike and was able to fit everything into my panniers. And my daughter even asked if we could cycle a bit more: win-win!

I did take the car to a parcel office once, because I sold a huge package (read: moving box) of clothes on Vinted and had to mail it, which I didn’t want to do by bike. And besides that, I also do a lot of walking. The weather is nice, so I can build up my condition, emit little CO2 and fill up on vitamin D: win-win-win!

There are certain circumstances in which I will still use the car:

  1. Very bad weather;
  2. If I have to transport a lot, like that package of Vinted;
  3. Long distances that can’t be done by bike.

I know, I could also use public transport, but I’m not that far yet. First I’m going to explore the bicycle slowly.

Are you in? Little by little.


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