‘Buy nothing’- challenge

I am a real challenger. I love challenges and pushing myself further and further. Just for fun.

So now I have decided to start a ‘buy nothing’ challenge. This means: for a certain period of time, no new purchases, except ‘consumables’, food and things you use (think of toilet paper, a shampoo bar, etc.). But with a little side note: should my laptop break down – I need it every day for work – I’ll get a refurbished model. The same goes for my phone. A camera repair of my mobile phone is coming up anyway, but the pressure is not on at the moment, I hardly ever take pictures- others always do.

The book ‘De verborgen impact’ by Babette Porcelijn (I bought a lot of books second hand via Vinted in the past few weeks) made me even more aware of how gigantic the impact of every product we buy is on the environment. Although I already bought most of it second hand, I don’t want to do that either for now, because let’s be honest: what am I going to do with all this stuff? I have 80 unread books in my bookcase (in my defense: I have read at least 10 books this year, so it goes fast) that I still have to readSo before I finish reading them, I’m not going to buy new books. I’ll keep a wish list though- maybe.

I also have 3 malm drawers filled with clothes, so I also have more than enough clothes and really no need for them. I can’t say I have nothing to wear. On the contrary, a lot of it goes on Vinted soon, because I really don’t want more than 10 tops and 5 pairs of pants in my closet, because I just don’t need that.

Minimalism makes me feel so free, but I still notice that because I don’t attach any emotional value to stuff, and say goodbye easily, stuff is easily added again and I definitely want to unlearn that. I don’t want to buy things if there is an alternative. Lets say I break a spatula: Is there anything else I can use to stir things? No doubt about it! So objects that don’t absolutely have to be replaced will not be replaced.

I will also use my bicycle more, indeed, today I even went shopping by bicycle. When the weather is dry, I want to do all the distances that are doable by bike, if I don’t have to carry too much, by bike. Or walking. If there is time pressure, then I haven’t planned well and will just have to do it another time. But since I’m really never under time pressure or in a hurry, that probably won’t happen often.

I will also post regular updates on how things are going. I have the expectation that this will allow me to create even more peace of mind. Consuming as always just makes me feel super bad and I hope to get rid of that. I owe it to the planet. And it’s good for my purse.

Do you want to participate too? What do you expect from this challenge? What will it do to you? Definitely share your thoughts with me!


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